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What is Pax Romana?

Pax Romana” is a Latin term for the long period of relative peace and prosperity experienced by the Roman Empire from the reign of Augustus Caesar until that of Marcus Aurelius, or between 27 BC and 180 AD.  At this time the Roman Empire included most of Europe, as well as northern Africa and Persia. This was the glorified prime of the Empire, in which the Roman legal system, on which many modern systems are based, brought law and order to the provinces.  The arts and architecture flourished as well during this period, along with commerce and the economy.  Edward Gibbon, in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, refers to the Pax Romana as a period of tranquility and moderation.

We are proud to carry the name “Pax Romana” representing peace and prosperity.

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children in Italy are baptised at 3 months.


Lupercalia - Valentine's

Old World Roman Celebrations and Historical Origins of Today's Celebrations: Lupercalia (also known as St. Valentine’s Day) – February 14th Modern day St. Valentine's celebrations are said to have been derived from both ancient Christian and Roman tradition. It is said that the holiday origin..


Saturnalia - Christmas

Old World Roman Celebrations - Historical Origins of Today's Celebrations II (Rome, Dec 17-23) According to the Roman Julian Calendar in 46 BC, December 24th was the shortest day of the year; therefore December 25th was originally considered the annual rebirth of the invincible sun and also cele..


Lottery Numbers

Cabala Given the Italian propensity for superstition, it is no wonder that the lottery is a favorite pastime. There are books about associations and their corresponding numbers, and many old women will be happy to translate your dreams, dates, or desires into that day’s lottery numbers to be play..



Italians on the whole are VERY superstitious, and oftentimes if you see an Italian do something odd, you can most probably chock it up to warding off some sense of bad luck, or ensuring maximization of good luck! Positive Superstitions Lentils & Red Panties- On New Year’s Eve eating lentils..



Restaurants/Bars Tipping in Italy is as it should be, an extra little something to demonstrate appreciation for extra service. 20% VAT is already included in your meal bill, so any extra amount should be left IN CASH as it is directly for your serve..

Today's Traditions

Italy is a culture unsurpassed in its rich traditions- a wealth unrivaled by any other country. The vast expanse of the ancient Roman empire, and the expatriation of many Italians into other countries, has spread many of these traditions around the w..

Wedding Customs

The Bachelor/ette Party (Addio Nubilato/Addio _) The Wedding Feast   C O M I N G   S O O N!

Italian Holidays

National Holidays: January 1 Capodanno (New Year's Day) January 6 Epifania/La Befana (Epiphany- the 12th day of Christmas) March/April xx Pasqua (Easter) - day depends on moon cycles March/April xx La Pasquetta o Lunedì del..


Italy has some particular etiquette requirements, some of which are contrary to or different from even their neighboring countries. What is listed herein is oftentimes the more formal approach, or the minimum required in order to avoid potential emba..

Individual Festivities

The 'Onomastico' As if one birthday celebration per year was not enough, Italians celebrate twice! In Italy a person’s name day “Onomastico” is often even given more importance than their birthday. Just a few decades ago, many families did not..